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The Perfect Camera Angle


With limitations in place, what angle is the best for you?

With limitations, I mean the lack of freedom to create your perfect camera angle. In the PS2 days, and what we have in FIFA, the user could/can manipulate the camera angle in anyway they see fit. Since this generation however, this hasn’t been an option in PES. We’ve been stuck with whatever Konami have given us, and none have hit the spot 100%. This seems to be the reason why they have changed them over the past few years, as Seabass and his team still search for the best angle.

With PES 2013 seemingly having the same issue (at a guess, not 100% sure), mainly because it’s running off the same engine, I wanted to get your ideas for a perfect camera angle, and what you’d want to see implemented into the game.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the normal wide cam from back in the PS2 days, but with some pan. In PES 2012 I loved the height of pitchside, but it desperately needed some pan to remain playable. But ideally, I’d love to have the camera angle of PES 2011 back but with much more intelligence. So rather than moving around and trying to follow play around the pitch, it would stay central and pan left and right, while accommodating where the ball was vertically by subtly zooming in and out.

Oh, and I’d like the option to have name bars at the bottom. Don’t like them over the players head, but still want them on the screen. I appreciate the effect they are going for with having less on screen guff, but it should remain a bit gamey if the user wants it to be.

What do you all think? Have Konami nailed the angles for you, or do you long for something else? Let us know in the comments section.

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