The PSVR is two years old (on Saturday)



The PSVR celebrates its 2nd Birthday this Saturday and whilst it’s still just a wee baba it offers plenty of games for you to enjoy. And guess what? There’s more on the way.

To celebrate the PSVRs anniversary, Sony has announced a few cheeky bits of VR content, including games, demos and DLC. First up its been announced that Borderlands is coming to PSVR. You’ll finally be able to step literal foot (in a modern sense) inside Borderlands Pandora when Borderlands 2 VR launches this December. The 14th, to be precise.

Details are pretty light at the moment so it’s still not known whether this is simply Borderlands 2 crammed into a face unit or if it’s a slight variation on the original game. Either way, though, if you’ve got yourself a PSVR it’d be pretty enticing to jump back to the weapon fest that is Borderlands 2.

And that’s not all. Tetris Effect, the game created by the visionaries behind Lumines and Rez Infinite, is out next month! Tetris Effect is said to be a whole new way to experience Tetris both visually and aurally. It’s still a little secretive as to what exactly will be different with Tetris Effect but with their past titles, you can be sure it’ll be a damn treat. Tetris Effect will release on PS4, PS4 Pro and PSVR November 8th.

If like me, you’re impatient, there are two VR treats headed your way next week. A playable demo for Astro Bot Rescue Mission is free to download on October 16th. Astro Bot has been built from the ground up with VR in mind and it’s had nothing but praise sent its way. But if you’re still on the fence you can now give it a play for free. Well, next week.

But if you like your games a little more violent there’s a new piece of DLC for Firewall: Zero Hour. It sounds like the DLC only includes a couple of skins, items and weapons but it’s an excuse to jump back in and shoot some fools.

So there we have it. The PSVR is two years old and it’s totes emoshe.

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