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The Real FVPA For FIFA 12 Clubs


The internet is a funny old place and very recently the FVPA (FIFA Virtual Pro Association) FIFA Clubs scene has encountered a few issues. We’re not prepared to give it the air time it clearly doesn’t deserve so instead we’ll focus on what really matters and that’s where to play your FIFA Clubs football, simple answer the FVPA.

We’ve met the guys who run FVPA countless times at FIFA play tests and besides the fact that the website is run extremely well, they’re top blokes as well. What a lot of people won’t know either is that they invest a lot of time in FIFA behind the scenes and amongst their staff are many EA Gamechangers.

The good news is that the FVPA are only going to get bigger and better for FIFA 12 because a major site update is in the works to help make the communities FIFA 12 Clubs experience the very best available. As soon as this happens we’ll let you know but it should launch around the release of FIFA 12.

Also last night the FVPA held a tournamnet where the winning team walked away with 8 free copies of FIFA 12… need i say more? So if you play FIFA Clubs and want some more structure head over to FVPA.co.uk take a look around and sign up. This is not just a UK thing either, it’s very much a global site and if you think you can cut it you could even end up representing your country online in iFVPA.

Today is going to be all about FIFA Clubs on FIFA Soccer Blog as the next part of “Xaors Corner” will be released discussing just that.

No imitations, the real FVPA.


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