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The Real PES 2011 Stands Up


It’s been a cracking few days. Back from a short break, only to see a marvelous video from Dan @ PSM3, showing PES 2011 as Seabass intended. Konami in another ‘not showing the game off the best way’ shocker. That tour video was great as a show and tell for new press access, but Dan just showed them how it should be done.

But lets not be too critical, as they’ve been doing an incredible job far.

So to the video, and all that is good. I won’t dwell on everything too much, rather point out two things that made me snap out of my jet-lag in seconds. First the header pic. Wow. The tussling animation looks like something stolen from the EA offices, but better. A tad expected, as we’re comparing EA’s old game to Konami’s new one here, but it’s great to see that visual representation in PES. Add in the usual trademark player accuracy in faces and build, and those perfect looking kits, and we have something visually impressive.

And that’s all it is right now, visual. PES hasn’t suffered in the past 3 years because of the visual side, so fingers crossed more great news comes from E3.

The second point? Hexagon is back! Right at the bottom of the pic below. I think a moments silence should be observed…

The real PES 2011 has stood up, not long now until we know if it plays as good as it looks.

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