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The Return Of Retro


It’s been a while since we did one of these retro pieces, and once again we can’t decide on which game to look back at. So in an act of community spirit/laziness, we thought we’d put it to a vote.

Choices this time are…

FIFA 99: The indoor mode was now gone but in its place was the “European Dream League” sounds good eh? Where the top 20 teams in world football went head to head in a league style format. It also had introductions by Gary Lineker and the legendary Des Lynam.

FIFA 2000: Featuring over 40 “classic” teams, so that gamers can play as retired football legends, the game also features over 40 national sides, fully integrated seasons, set piece selections, increased physical contact, new facial animations, shielding ability and tougher tackling.

FIFA 2001: The first FIFA title to hit the Playstation 2 boasting a brand new graphics engine, unique player faces and for the first time real team emblems. It was also the first FIFA to have a power bar for shooting and a rather hilarious deliberate foul button.

Use the comments below to cast your vote or let me know via twitter @tem1985

If you’ve no idea what I’m on about, use the Retro Tag to have a look.


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