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The Sky Is The Limit


Something that was stated in the build up to PES 2010 by Jon Murphy, was the introduction of a new team to work in the WEP (Winning Eleven Productions) offices. Adding up to what we believe to be 200 people, this new group was hired to help Seabass create the PES/WE game we all wish for.

What’s important to remember is that this new team is in itself a different entity, focusing solely on the future. So, as an example, while Seabass was beavering away with his team on WE 2010, this team was looking ahead to WE 2011 – creating this two year working cycle that I keep mentioning. It’s a method (without divisions) EA use to create major upgrades in what is seemingly a short time between yearly games, and Konami have finally given the WEP team a timely boost.

It’s clear that PES 2010 got a major graphical upgrade, and perhaps warranted the acceptance of an extended development cycle. With a newly installed team, however, expectations are much greater. A team that, after seeing EA produce a technical masterclass with FIFA 10, is aware of the benchmarks that need to be hit.

And this team even has it’s own name. Referred to as Blue Sky Team, their work and very existence will be justified or questioned once PES 2011 is shown for the very first time. Their aim then will be to prove the title of this very post is the future of the series and the WEP team, rather than the averse saying of the limit is the sky.

I know which one I’m hoping for.

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