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The Trequartistas Show – Episode 1 (Pilot)


Welcome to the pilot episode of The Trequartistas Show, a soccer/football gaming focused YouTube series.

The premise of the show is similar to provide a platform that ignites fruitful discussions with regards to both leading soccer game franchises, FIFA and PES, supported with in-depth tactical/technical analysis, interviews and other exclusive stuff. The content of each episode will be directed by the fans and the community in order to address the key opportunities and challenges facing the respective communities.

For the pilot episode, Suff is joined by Bryan, Charles, Jose and Nestor to talk about PES 2017. The guys discuss their early impressions, their hopes and their fears for a game that is just over two months away from launch.

Get involved and leave your thoughts and opinions below. Additionally, hop onto the forums and upload videos, GIFs and images of key discussion points for future episodes.