The Walking Dead Episode 4 Trailer Released


Telltale Games have released a new trailer for the forth episode of The Walking Dead.

Speaking about the latest episode, Gary Whitta stated:

“It is undoubtedly the biggest and most ambitious episode so far in terms of action, and the choices. Episode 4 also introduces some brand new characters who should shake things up a bit, including one in particular that I’m very keen for you all to meet. Let’s just say that Lee’s group hasn’t encountered anyone quite like her before now.”

“While I think it’s a riveting chapter in its own right, Episode 4 is also designed to tee up the big season finale that follows. In that regard I think we’ve succeeded; the climactic events of Episode 4 should make the wait for Episode 5 even more agonizing.”

Enjoy the trailer below and let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.


Source: CVG

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