The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Launch Trailer Released


Activision have released the launch trailer for their upcoming title, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.

The launch trailer comes ahead of the game’s launch for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U in Europe this Friday, March 22nd. The game has also been released in the US today.

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct sees players take on the role of the mysterious, cross-bow wielding survivor Daryl Dixon. The game takes place in The Walking Dead universe and is set before the events of the show. It follows Daryl and his brother Merle on a gruesome journey to reach the supposed safety of Atlanta as the world around them ends. The voices of both Reedus and Rooker will bring life to their characters’ desperate, unforgiving struggle against limited resources, the nightmarish walkers and their survivors.

Enjoy the trailer and let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.


Source: CVG


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