Thief 'Channeling of the Primal' Trailer


Square Enix have sent us over a new fantastic looking trailer for Thief.

The new trailer comes depicting the final, incredibly daring, yet fateful, heist for Garrett and his former protégé Erin. It reveals to users the moment arrett and Erin discover that the artifact they were hired to steal is at the center of a bizarre ritual; a ceremony conducted by a secretive group of robed men who intend to harness a mysterious energy called The Primal.

Rumors about The Primal’s existance have been around for a while but no such proof has been available. However, Garret feels the job is too dangerous and attempts to call it off but the rebellious Erin refuses to abandon the heist. The ritual begins and the force of the Primal is unleashed, violently shaking the foundations of the building and Erin falls to her tragic death.

The City then begins to change as time passes by, as does the population and indeed Garrett himself. It seems to everyone that The Primal’s force is greater than ever imagined.

Enjoy the new trailer and let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.


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