Thief Gets 17 Minute Gameplay Video


Square Enix have spoiled us today with an awesome 17-minute gameplay video for their upcoming title, Thief.

The new video showcases he immersive environments and dynamic gameplay and takes lace immediately after the tutorial at the very beginning of the game After a heist gone horribly wrong; Garrett has to make his way to his hideout in Stonemarket Clocktower. Along the way, he happens upon a jewellery store. Garrett being who he is (The Master Thief), you can see where this is going… He can’t help but break in and steal shiny things.

The specific section was chosen by the team in order to demonstrate many of the strengths of the game in a short condensed mission without spoiling any of the plot.

Enjoy the video and let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.


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