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Think FIFA 10 Is Too Speedy?


Then have I got some good news for you.

From hammering the demo and reading forums, it seems that the majority love the game but that the goalkeepers (who are letting in a few too many crosses and soft goals) and the speed of the game (some would say it’s too fast next to real football) are concerns.

Well, the goalkeeper feedback will be looked at before the final release of the game I’m sure, but as for the speed of the game, Mike Takla on the EA forums has said something that made me smile from ear to ear this morning.

You can of course change the game speed in the demo by going into Game Settings before your match starts. You have a choice of slow, normal or fast – but the concern was that when you play ranked matches online, you have to play on the normal speed setting.

At least, you did in FIFA 09. But now, you don’t.

You can choose to play on slow in ranked matches this year – well as long as someone else [wants to]

Absolutely fantastic news. So not only do we have a team star rating filter and a control settings feature – so I never have to play you folk who use fully-assisted controls ever again – but you can play ranked matches with whatever game speed you want as well. Perfection.

(By the way, if you’re a bit too young to know who the mouse is at the top of this post, it’s Speedy Gonzales. He could run like Aaron Lennon that mouse.)

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