Three New 'E3' Killzone 3 Gameplay Videos Hit


Thanks to the guys over at Gamespot, you are in for a treat as three new Killzone 3 gameplay videos have been put up on their site from this years E3. The 1st video shows a team making an assault on a Helghast prison using an air raid to attack with what can only be described as brute force!. In the 2nd video, it shows how Killzone 3’s Melee System works with Helghast getting one hell of a beating with the butt of a gun and then to make sure, a knife in the windpipe!. In the last video it shows you a different perspective of the game by launching into the air when using a Helghast jetpack. All three videos look amazing and this game looks fantastic enough already and there is still plenty of development time left yet! blimey.

(Due to some tech issues, we currently cant post the videos directly for some reason as they were causing problems but click the links below for the videos directly from Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. Thanks)

Air Raid Gameplay
Close Quarters Gameplay
Leaping Around Gameplay

Thanks to Gamespot.

Click here for the forums.

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