Tiger Woods Shows Off Kinect Integration In Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13


EA has today released a couple of rather interesting videos showing off the Kinect integration in their upcoming golf simulation, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13.

The first video features lead designer, Mike DeVault as he talks about how Kinect has been integrated into Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13, and then proceeds to demonstrate how you will be able to use Microsoft’s motion sensing device. Whilst the demonstration DeVault gives is based on work in progress code, the Kinect integration actually looks very impressive, and seems to be quite responsive too.

However, it is the second video that is most interesting, as it stars none other than Mr Tiger Woods himself. The video shows the former world number one using Kinect to play the game, and then stating that it feels much better than using the Wii controller.

“The Kinect is just amazing, how you can actually just swing and it captures the movement, I mean you can actually make a true golf swing,” stated Woods. “I think this is the next generation, where you’re going to get a whole new influx of people playing the game because now it’s going to become not just a stick and a controller. What Wii did is one thing, the Wii motion, but now this Kinect is just going to blow it off the handle.”

Bold words from Mr Woods there, it seems like he really enjoyed playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 with Kinect. We’ll reserve our judgement until we actually play the game with Kinect ourselves, but as we stated earlier, the videos certainly do paint a rather impressive picture.

Check out the two videos below, and be sure to let us know what you think.



Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 is set to be released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in North America on March 27th and in Europe on March 30th.

Source: CVG

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