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Times Of Change


It’s crazy when you think about just how long we’ve been waiting for a proper PES, a true successor to the PES 5/6 games that graced the PS2. In 2007 we got our first cross platform nextgen game, and 3 years on we’re still scratching our heads trying to figure out what went wrong. Why the change in direction? Why the sudden drop in quality? Why the change in philosophy? All questions that we’ll probably never get answered.

But to this day we’re still here. We still hope, and still wait patiently for Konami to deliver a game we’ve been dreaming of. It’s what keeps us here, and keeps us holding on – a decade of greatness doesn’t evaporate into thin air. And while the competition had swayed millions of gamers, there are still millions who haven’t found what they’re looking for in a football game from the FIFA series.

Left in limbo, these loyal fans keep on waiting. It’s not all doom and gloom, however, as there’s another reason for being optimistic. Through these years there’s one fact that no one can ignore, and that’s PES is improving.

Some might say it couldn’t get any worse, especially when talking about PES 2008. I’m sure many people could pick out tons of flaws for the title from the top of their head, but no doubt the biggest one was the graphics. When PES 2008 hit we were all starting to experience some great looking games as the XBOX 360 cycle was getting into full swing. Coupled with that, FIFA 08 looked fantastic when put alongside it. Everyone knew they were getting short changed. From the lack of modes and editing options, to awful frame-rate issues and that dodgy penalty camera angle when you were the keeper. And don’t get me started on that ‘football, soccer, all around the world’ theme song!

When PES 2009 hit things were improved visually from the previous version, and certainly in the gameplay sense. After the dismay that PES 2008 brought, technically PES 2009 steadied the ship and gave Konami a solid foundation to build from. But with the good came the bad, and in this particular version it was called Teamvision. A word I can’t say too loud in case Suff hears and has a crying fit again, it single-handedly ruined the game for me. From making passes for you, to sliding in and giving penalties away against you, it drove me mad. Aside from it’s own shortcomings, the competition was fierce, with EA absolutely nailing it with FIFA 09. A title that looked incredible, and to this day is the biggest reason why fans migrated to the FIFA series.

Onto PES 2010, and as its the current release I don’t have dissect it for you I’m sure. A game that again improves over it’s predecessor, non more so than in the graphical department. Such an outstanding achievement, that it’s regarded as the best looking football. With a more professional sheen to the game regarding music and menus, to a massive improvement in Maser League, the game offered a lot. As ever though, there were things to bring it down. The lack of innovation in the animations, and the addition of poor response times made the game a frustrating experience. When comparing these fundamentals to the competition, it’s even more damaging.

With that being said, PES 2010 was a large step in the right direction. Not just in the release of the game, but the planning around it for the future. Konami have set in place a system to improve a game after release, coupled with a substantial sized team thats working on future innovations. And while PES 2010 enjoyed a longer pre-production cycle than usual, as reported by myself and other press, this time was spent on rejuvenated the art. With the graphics now the benchmark, the same longer cycle for PES 2011 will be spent elsewhere.

Whether this means an animations overhaul and freeing up the controls remains to be seen, but it’s clear that for PES to reclaim its crown it needs to match the competition in it’s greatest achievements. One things for sure, we’ll all be here hoping and waiting this is the year that Konami deliver. If they don’t, Konami give EA yet another chance to get it right, and pick away at the PES stronghold.

Just make sure you stick around to find out, as ever WENB will be THE place to be for all things PES – we promise a quite incredible year from us. And seeing as the first news hit early April last year, PES 2011 news is presumingly just weeks away.

Buckle up, it’s going to be a crazy ride!

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