New Titanfall 2 update – Operation Frontier Shield


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A huge Titanfall 2 update is being released next week, chock full of all things great, and it’s free, as is tradition.

Frontier Defense – Co-op mode

The new update – Operation Frontier Shields – brings with it a whole new co-operative game mode. In Frontier Defense, up to 4 players must team up to defend the harvester against increasingly difficult waves of enemies. As you battle the waves of enemies you’ll collect coins which can be spent to purchase defence upgrades during downtime between waves. Frontier Defense also has its own set of difficulties; Easy, Regular, Hard and Master including a separate Insane difficulty for the ultimate test of skill.

A new Titan progression system – Aegis Ranks – is also being introduced allowing you to unlock powerful upgrades for your mechs. These upgrades will prove vital in succeeding at the higher difficulty levels. The Aegis Ranks and associated upgrades will be locked to Frontier Defense, for now.

Frontier Defense will span across 5 maps at launch, with more to follow post-release.

  • Homestead
  • Forwardbase Kodai
  • War Games
  • Rise
  • Blackwater Canal


More maps!

This isn’t a half-arsed update. Oh no. If a whole new game mode wasn’t enough for you there are also a couple of maps included. Rise, a remaster of the original Titanfall map, is set in a dried up reservoir situated in the desert. Rise is an enclosed map with narrow avenues for Titan navigation but Pilots can run free with the tall surrounding walls, leading to many opportunities for Titan Rodeo and battery theft.

The second map is exclusive to Live Fire, a game 5v5 pilot only game mode that was introduced in a previous update. Township is set within the construction of a small residential unit populated with only a handful of buildings and vehicles for cover.

Fancy dress

Respawn have got to make their money somewhere, right? A collection of new warpaints will also be available to purchase as part of the Operation Frontier Shield update. The warpaints, whilst looking incredibly cool, will also offer XP boosts. The new warpaints can be applied to both weapons and Titans and will also benefit members of your team, offering them merit boosts. Sharing is caring and all that.

The elite weapon warpaints can be purchased, for a limited time, as a part of a discounted bundle. Be quick, though, as that offer ends on the 28th of August. You can also snag limited edition Titan warpaints which offer boosts for you and your team whilst playing Frontier Defense. Unlike the weapon warpaints, these are only available until the 28th of August, after which they’ll be gone forever!

Free play weekend

If you’ve yet to purchase Titanfall 2 and want to see what all the fuss is about you’re in luck. From the 28th July through to the 30th you can play a free trial of the game. The free trial will give access to the training gauntlet, the single player mission – The Beacon and full multiplayer access! If you fancy checking out the training and single player mission you can grab the demo now and give them a go. Then, come the 28th, multiplayer will be activated.

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