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Pokémon Magikarp Jump

A brand-new officially licensed Pokémon game has jumped onto the mobile gaming scene in a Magikarp shaped package. The game centres around the most pointless, but arguably adorable, Pokémon – Magikarp and tasks players to train it how to jump. The game is free-to-play but, as expected, there is an in-game currency that can be purchased with RL money which helps unlock a myriad of collectables including; decorations and different themes for your karp pal. The game is a tad surreal and dare I say basic, but has already got a strong backing on Twitter with a bunch of people sharing their high jumps. Could this be the next Flappy Bird phenomenon?


Fallout 4 free play weekend

If you haven’t played Fallout 4 yet then this weekend will be a bloody treat for you. From now through to the 28th May Steam and Xbox One players will be able to play the base Fallout 4 game entirely free. There are also going to be a bunch of discounts too, should you want to purchase after the trial. For whatever reasons the free trial is not available for PS4 players but they will be able to snag the game for the discounted price.

Beam rebranded as Mixer

Microsoft’s Twitch rival has a new name – Mixer and a bunch of new improvements too. The biggest of the updates is the new co-streaming feature which allows up to 4 players to stream at one time. An example shown is a team of four playing Sea of Thieves whereby viewers can watch the action from each player’s perspective. There is also a mobile app being released for self-streaming. Streaming of mobile games themselves isn’t included yet but will be added at a later date. It’s also been announced that the Xbox E3 conference will be streamed in 4k to Mixer, which can be streamed via your Xbox One S or PC. This will certainly help show the fidelity of the new Xbox Scorpio but my only concern is the connection required for the 4k stream.


LEGO Worlds sandbox mode

LEGO Worlds has received a brand new patch addressing various issues found within the game but more exciting than that there is also a new game mode added. Sandbox mode allows players to jump straight into the game and start building. There are a bunch of options available when creating your World (see video below) and once you’re dropped in you’ve got free reign to do what the heck you like. You’ll get access to all the tools too so there are literally no limits. Just pure brick building fun.


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