Today’s Gaming News – Xbox Game Pass, Mario x Rabbids & Gwent


Isn’t it ironic – Mario leaks

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Loose rumours of a Mario x Rabbids game have been floating around the web for a month or so but now it looks official. Officially leaked anyway. Images for Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle have surfaced now along with some tasty tidbits of information. It’s worth noting that none of this has been officially confirmed yet but it’s shaping up to be the real deal. Mario x Rabbids is said to be a 20-something-hour RPG style game with turn-based combat, something akin to Paper Mario. If the leak is to be believed there will be a “surprise” announcement at E3 next month where we’ll presumably get to see the game in action.

Gwent Public Beta

Gwent, the ridiculously popular mini-game from The Witcher 3 has gone into open beta today. PC players can jump straight into the action by visiting: whereas PS4 and Xbox One players will need to download the beta from the store. Gwent found a massive fan base from players of The Witcher 3 with many spending hours playing what is essentially a mini-game in an already huge game. It wasn’t long after the roaring success of The Witcher 3 that CD Projekt took to the stage and announced a standalone version of the game. So, if you fancy trying out Gwent in all its glory get to it now!

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox’s answer to Netflix has an official release date – June 1st. Xbox Game Pass is a monthly subscription service that gives you access to a library of playable games. At launch, there will be over 100 titles, both Xbox One and Xbox 360, and unlike Playstation Now, all games can be downloaded to your HDD so no streaming here. You can also play the games offline, for up to 30 days, when presumably your subscription needs renewing. On top of that, a Gold subscription is not needed to access Game Pass but you will need one to play online, as expected. It will be interesting to see how the library grows in size over time but initially, there are some decent games on there. The service will be £7.99 but there is a 14-day trial available now for Gold members.

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