Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Comparison Video


Want to know how much of an upgrade you will be getting with the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition? Let us show you right here!.

A new video has been released by Crystal Dynamics comparing the PlayStation 3 version to the upcoming PlayStation 4 version. Crystal Dynamics executive producer Scot Amos states on the video:

What we find the most on next-gen is that it’s about particle systems, it’s about the environmental effects, it’s about the movement and that sense of immersion that people want in a world in next-gen. When we made texture maps for the characters in the game and the world itself on last generation, you make them as high resolution as you can, but you always have to squeeze them down to smaller size, but for Xbox One and PS4 we were able to go back and take all those textures we’d done and blow them up literally four times larger than they’d ever been, so you can see minute details.

Enjoy the video and be sure to let us know if you will be getting the next-gen version via the comment section below.


Source: CVG

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