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Topdee stuff!

A cute, dimension shifting, puzzle platformer where you have to have your wits about you at all times, that you can also play either solo, or co-op with a buddy? Sign me up.
(I would also like to add, as I’m writing this review, I just realised ‘Toodee’ is referring to 2-D and ‘Topdee’ is referring to top down. This took me a lot longer than I like to admit..)

Long ago in the universe, there was one singular being, who went by the name of Aleph. I suppose when you’re the only being in the entire universe, you will find yourself with a lot of time on your hands, and this can be said for Aleph, as they went ahead and became the master of an ancient language which can turn your words into worlds! And thus, the worlds were created and the void of space was now filled with light and booming life. Without a centre balance to keep these planets in check, the semi colon was created, to be used as an anchor of sorts, but jealousy soon reared its ugly head and the semi colon was stolen. Without this, the worlds fall into ruin, glitches become more apparent and the planets collide. That all sounds dreadful right? Well, it is… But it is also the start of a wonderful friendship between Toodee & Topdee, who happen to meet as their home planets crash into one another.

Being able to play the game from two different perspectives really helps to open up a variety of possibilities and different routes. Toodee, as mentioned above, is controlled as the 2-D side scrolling character, who has the ability to jump. Topdee, is controlled as the top-down character who can provide new paths for Toodee and on many occasions, help Toodee out of a fall they wouldn’t normally survive. I mean, any character falling towards a pit of spikes isn’t likely to walk away unscathed. The controls are very responsive and you really do need to have your thinking cap on while you shift between both characters to progress through the chapters. Shifting between characters does pause the gameplay, giving you time to think, which is generous. Toodee is falling from a great height with nothing below but pain? No problem. Shift to Topdee seamlessly and save the day by moving a box underneath to break the fall. When you do change the perspective though, do keep in mind that everything from the environment, the enemies and other small elements will also bend to fit the rules of that particular reality.

With simple, yet totally effective level designs, Toodee & Topdee stands out from the crowd as a wonderful combination of puzzle/platforming. It feels totally unique and fresh, which is so lovely considering video games now all do borrow from each other and can sometimes appear very similar. To create a unique concept in this industry is nothing short of amazing and I tip my hat to the two brothers who have created this wonderful little adventure. The playtime is around 5-6 hours, which hopefully will be expanded upon in the future with potential added levels?! We can dream. Oh and another quick inclusion, the games OST! It’s just so lovely.


A unique concept, simple yet brilliant level designs, this wonderful little title is definitely worth your time!

Collector & lover of video games. Partial to a collectors edition here & there. Mainly PS4 but from time to time I dabble in Nintendo/XBOX/PC.


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