E3 2016: Top Five "Hell Yeah" Moments!


Dude, Its But Whole, Not But Hole…

Now let’s be honest with each other here; it’s safe to say that most of us are extremely ecstatic over probably 99 percent of the releases, updates and reveals so far at E3. There have been several moments that had me shouting to the high heavens – Here are my top five Hell Yeah moments from E32016!

5 – The Fractured But Whole

South Park: The Fractured But Whole (not but hole as I originally tweeted several times) was one of the games on my one-to-watch list for E3 this year. Trey Parker and Matt Stone showcased some new footage at the Ubisoft Press conference of the character creation, brand new combat system and also the story element of the game – which all looks pretty damn sweet, might I add! The Fractured But Whole follows on from its glorious predecessor (Stick of Truth) with a brand new spin. Once again you don the cape of the new douchbag kid on the block, however this time you are trapped amidst a Superhero Civil War. Trey and Matt eventually go on to announce that all pre-orders of The Fractured But Whole will bag you a free copy of The Stick Of Truth and for those of you that have not played it… Hell yeah! If it’s free, it’s for me!

4 – Crash Bandicoot Remaster

At the present moment there isn’t much else to say on this but as I am writing this, I have come to the sudden but inevitable realization that 20 years of my life have passed, 20 whole years since I originally laid my hands on a Playstation One controller back in 1996 and played some of the greatest games ever created for the very first time. Games like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon and Tomb Raider. Thankfully with the help of Sony and Vicarious Visions I will be able to reminisce on those memories and play a fully remastered version of Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back and Crash Bandicoot: Warped on my Playstation 4. Sadly Naughty Dog won’t be involved as Activision still hold those rights, but I am holding onto the thought that other developers may eventually follow suit. I suppose this one is a bit of a depressing, hell yeah!

3 – God of War

So, everyone else was cheering and woop wooping when they realized what was happening on screen and I sat there for a good thirty to forty seconds scratching my head oblivious to what was going on. To this day I have never played a God of War game – sure, let that sink in. I can’t justify that that with a reason, I have just never played them. Before you all start screaming and shouting at me for this; Keep your hair on, I promise I’ll get round to it before this releases. I’ve gotta’ say though, I hadn’t played Uncharted 1-3 before I played 4 and I still think it’s probably my Game of the Year. There were a couple of things that caught my eye within the ten or so minutes this game was show cased and one of which was the combat system. From what I have been told on countless occasions in the past is that the combat in God of War games is second to none. After a little research, there seems to be a massive difference between the first three and this, but I have got to say that I prefer the look and general vibe I am getting from Dad/God of War – and hell yeah, any game that lets me punch a troll in the face whilst impending dragon doom awaits gets my vote.

2 – Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero “Elder Cyborg Monster Hunter FarCry Primal” Dawn is a new seamless open world role playing game from Guerilla Games. Like The Fractured But Whole, this game was on my E3 radar. I have a massive amount of love for the guys behind the Killzone games and this concept of bright colourful fields of green, mixed in with giant metal animals has a majestic kind of beauty to it. The first thing that really stood out for me was the games crafting and trading systems. The idea that you have to venture out into the wild and collect crafting resources from the creatures you kill to create traps, weapons and just generally trade with tribe’s interests me to an extent. I am not saying that I am going to start an in game culling, but then again that’s never really stopped me before. The holy shit, hell yeah moment for me was when Aloy (Horizon: Zero Dawn’s heroine) shows off her domestication skill, takes over a docile creature and uses it for mounted combat! I cannot wait to see how crazy that gets!

1 – Days Gone

Upon first glance, I thought that Days Gone was the highly anticipated Last of Us 2 – Oh how wrong I was. Days Gone, is a biker-esque post-apocalyptic adventure game in development by SiE Bend Studio’s and set in the high-desert of the Pacific Northwest. Next to nothing is known about this game so far and for me personally, I hope it stays that way until release. The game play trailer showcased a tonne of different game-play mechanics with you controlling one member of what seems to be a surviving biker gang whilst running and gunning, motorbike riding and taking on Left 4 Dead style hordes of monsters before being surrounded. I have been waiting for a decent biker game to come out since the Lost and Damned expansion for GTA 4 and hell yeah, I am excited… From what has been said, players will have to rely on their abilities to strategize to survive, craft weapons and items. As far as I can tell, so far it looks to be a decent game if Bend do it right, but It just seems to me that every man and his dog are creating zombie related games, and in my opinion the genre is pretty dead. Hopefully Days Gone can help us out because the genre needs something to revive it before I lose interest!

Obviously those are only a few of the awesome things that happened at E3 2016 and there is a little space and time left for a few honorable mentions. Our friendly neighborhood Spiderman, Watch_Dogs 2 and the tiny sneak preview we got of Mass Effect: Andromeda are just a few of note. So, those were the my personal top five hell yeah moments from E3 this year! Have I missed anything out that you would have included? Did I strike a nerve or do you agree with anything I’ve said here? I would be very interested to know, so tell me in the comments section below!

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