Total War Battles: Shogun Now Available on PC & Mac


SEGA have announced that Total War Battles: Shogun is now available to download on PC and Mac via Steam for £4.99.

The game comes with a 10 hour plus campaign, bonus challenge missions and a quick-play skirmish mode. There are stunning medieval Japanese visuals accompany superb unit animations and remarkable audio, and PC and Mac players will enjoy enhanced visuals, with a broader overview of mission-maps, anti-aliasing, enhanced shadows and bloom. In addition, this version includes a bonus gallery of 18 original pieces of concept art, created by the development team.

It also comes with Steamwork specific features which include Achievements and Leaderboard rankings. Players will also gain instant, free access to the Sendai Clan for Total War: Shogun 2 – Fall Of The Samurai, previously available only as a reward upon completion of the mobile version, or via a DLC purchase.

For those who are not familiar with the title, It follows the story of a young samurai whose thirst for revenge embroils him ina  war in order to have control of the Shogunate. Players direct his campaign across Japan with real-time battles. They also unlock buildings and units which gain valuable experience points and upgrading favoured troops as they progress.

Let us know if you will be purchasing this via the comment section below.

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