Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Pre-Order Offers Revealed


Activision have revealed the pre-order offers for their upcoming title, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.

The game is set to launch on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in the US on August 28th and Europe on August 31st and the pre-order offers can be seen below.

  • Nostalgic UK fans who pre-order from GAME will receive an unlock code for the G1 RETRO PACK.  This exclusive content will let fans play as the legendary G1 OPTIMUS PRIME from the original 1980s animated television show (both in single player and multiplayer) and wield the powerful G1-INSPIRED MEGATRON GUN and SHOCKWAVE BLAST CANNON weapons (in single player campaign). This offer can be pre-ordered from GAME website.
  • To command destruction from the skies in multiplayer mode, fans can pre-order from for an unlock code for SWOOP, the Dinobots’ legendary air ace. Dynamically change from Swoop’s robot form to his powerful flying Dinobot mode to attack your opponents from above. This can be pre-ordered from
  • Fans of the Combaticons can pre-order the game at independent retailers to get an unlock code for the G2 BRUTICUS SKIN that will be available in the epic single player campaign.  True Transformers fans will instantly recognize the rare and vivid colors from the classic BRUTICUS toyline model. This can be pre-ordered from and other retailers.

Let us know if you plan on pre-ordering the game and where from via the comment section below.

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