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Tribute To A PES Fan


I have a soft spot for uber fans. I reported on thedudeofinfinity a while back, and this time I have some new.

Robbye is a fellow PES nutter, originally from Ecuador. He sent me this funny video of how its going to be in his household when PES 2010 hits. Check it out!


He also uses PES/WE to do some good in the world. Robbye takes donations from PES/WE OF’s that he makes, then uses the money to buy toys for children in his home town!

After the jump loads details on that, and another video!

Heres a quick profile of the man in question:

thanks for watching the video 🙂
just something I would like for u to know.

I was born and raise at Ecuador, South America…….PES passion started with ISS on Super nintendo…….Nintendo 64….BUT I NEVER had a PS1.?moved to the USA at age of 17 as a foreign exchange student…was very sad I couldn’t find anything the will feel that empty video game soul (Im almost sure the was not konami soccer games out in the US for PS1)I had a nintendo cube to play fifa 2001 but I never had the same feeling……. till one day walking at the shopping mall I saw Winning Eleven 6 (PES3) at that moment I saw the Konamy logo on the box I knew my ISS days were coming back so I got the game and the console (PS2)……..

The funny thing it was my wife had to pay for my ps2 and PES3 (we were just living together at the time) from that moment on everything change, the PES series has been like having a DOG in our house, We got married with PES Winning eleven 2007, first kid with PES2008, second kid with PES2009 and now all the 4 of US are waiting for PES 2010.

I do take Vacation time during release week!! it’s Robbye’s Christmas time.
Never own a different game other than PES/WE for PS3 or PSP ….usually rent FIFA :)?I have a PSP version of the game too, for trips.?Master League and editing mode fanatic!!!

I started sharing option files during PES Winning eleven 2007 for PS2
I do take donations for my files and I take a trip or send back to my country Ecuador where I give school kids supplies and toys 🙂

Robbye 31yrs old?a wife and 2 boys 🙂

Thanks again for Robbye for getting in touch, and showing just how crazy us PES fans can be about the special series!

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