Turtle Beach Recon 150 Review


Sets… for your head…

If, like me, you play a lot of online multiplayer games with your friends, you’ll use a gaming headset to communicate. Well, the kind folks over at Turtle Beach recently popped us over a pair of one of their flagship, yet affordable, gaming headsets to try out so we can tell you if they are any good! We were sent the Recon 150 which retail for 49.99 GBP.

To make things easy I’ll split up each section of what I consider to be important below.


For me, this is the number one thing that can make or break a potential purchase for headphones of any kind. If they aren’t comfortable that can lead to headaches and obviously general discomfort. The Recon 150 fall into the category of ‘comfortable enough’. For the price point you won’t get luxurious protection around your ears and head but you will get a decent level of comfort that will help you forget you’re wearing them relatively quickly. The bonded leather-wrapped headband and fabric-wrapped ear-cushions are supposed to offer breathability and added comfort according to their product description and I can confirm that is is the case over several other headsets I have tried in the past in the same price range. I didn’t feel my ears over heating or find that the head band was too tight and constricting on my head.

Sound Quality

Getting straight down to business, the quality is good; not amazing but this headset does a solid job of making sure the audio coming through is clear. That is really all you can ask for from a headset. Anything more is a premium you must pay extra for anyway, so I am happy to say that these do their job well. The head phones have 50mm over-ear speakers so you will get a crisp audio from the games you play as well as any party chat.

Microphone Quality

Again, the mic does a solid job of sending audio through to my party and I didn’t have any complaints. The microphone is removable and omni-directional so you can modify it to sit exactly where you want it to. In fact, the mic feels very well made, one of the more premium aspects of this headset.


The overall build of the headset follows the theme of this quick review. Good, even great, but it obviously doesn’t fall into that special category. It feels solid but not too heavy, the leather is a nice touch and the omni-directional microphone is great. Judging it by all other headsets, it’s decent, but judge it by others in it’s price range and the overall build quality is seriously good value for money.


These are not meant to be premium; Turtle Beach have their own range of those styles of headsets. These are for the everyday gamer who just wants to jump in a party with their friends without worrying about the standard PS4 ear bud falling out every couple of minutes. There are a lot of premium headsets out there but for £49.99, you’ll be hard pressed to find another headset as consistent as the Recon 150s. A great headset and great value for money by Turtle Beach.

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