Two new Xbox One controllers are releasing in September


See-through tech is so in right now

Two new Xbox One controllers are releasing on September 11th. The Phantom Black sports a faded black translucent fascia blending into an off-gold bottom half. The body is completely matte with glossy black buttons and a golden d-pad. This controller should hopefully tickle the fancies of those who may be jealous of PlayStation’s latest see-through controller marking 500 million consoles sold. Fortunately, this controller will be a lot easier to get your hands on.

The second controller – Grey/Blue – is a variant on the Grey/Green one that released this time last year. Although this time around the controller features a much darker grey and a sky blue ‘inside bit’ (to be technical). Both controllers featured a textured grip and will, of course, be compatible with PCs.

The Phantom Black controller will set you back £59.99 whereas the Grey/Blue is releasing for £54.99. You can currently pre-order both controllers over at the Xbox store.

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