Two Point Hospital Developer Gameplay


Diagnosed with gameplay

With the release of Planet Coaster a couple of years back many have been hoping for a similar style ‘remake’ of Theme Hospital. Recently PC gamers dreams came true when Two Point Hospital was announced, the very thing we’ve all been waiting for.

Two Point Hospital isn’t a direct sequel to Theme Hospital but more a spiritual one helmed by some ex-Bullfroggers that worked on the original game. When the first trailer job it was great to see the same humour and stylised art aesthetic has carried through to Two Point but gamers were left chomping at the bit for gameplay. Well, we’ve got some good news. There’s a new 8-minute gameplay video on that there old YouTube with additional commentary from Mark Webley and Ben Husky.

The video gives a great taste of what’s to come when Two Point releases next year including a look at the campaign. You’ll also get to see the building mechanic in action with the creation of doctors quarters, placement of props and hiring of staff. But don’t let me wang on about it, give it a watch yourself!

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