Ubisoft Announce Rainbow 6 Patriots


Fans of tactical first-person shooters rejoice! Ubisoft has today officially announced the latest addition to the popular Rainbow 6 series, Rainbow 6 Patriots.

The game will feature “a dynamic single-player storyline that captures the reality of modern-day terrorism and allows players to experience it from multiple characters’ perspectives”.

Team Rainbow faces a new and very real threat called the True Patriots, a highly-trained, well-organized revolutionary group that claim the American government is irrevocably corrupted by greedy politicians and corporate special interests. The True Patriots will do whatever it takes to reclaim their country.

Stepping into the shoes of Team Rainbow, players will face critical scenarios that will require them to make tough ethical decisions in order to stop this new breed of terrorists. Sounds very much like the plot of a Metal Gear Solid game if you ask us!

David Sears, creative director at Ubisoft, had this to say regarding the announcement:

“Terrorism has evolved, and so has Rainbow 6. In Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Patriots, all the team play, tactics, and realism that fans of the series love have been coupled with an exciting new narrative direction. This adds an unprecedented level of humanity that will make Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Patriots an extremely tense and immersive experience.”

As you would expect, Rainbow 6 Patriots will also feature co-op and multiplayer modes. Players will be rewarded for working as a team and mastering the game’s new features that enhance communication and tactical execution between teammates. Success will come from a mix of split-second decision making and working to coordinate attacks against the enemy.

In a move that might seem rather strange, especially seeing as the announcement has come so early, Rainbow 6 Patriots is set to be released sometime in 2013 on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Release date aside, the game sounds very interesting, especially the single-player facet. What do you guys think? Be sure to let us know via the comments section below.

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