Ubisoft Looking to Previous Far Cry Games for Far Cry 3


Sometimes to move forward, you have to look to the past, which is exactly what Ubisoft is doing with their upcoming title Far Cry 3

In a recent Q&A with XtremeGaming 24/7, Far Cry 3’s lead designer, Jamie Keen. explained how the good points from Far Cry 2 would be kept and developed upon:

“I think like I touched on before, one of the big things is the character. Far Cry 2 is obviously a really good platform to go from. It’s got a really genuine open world experience with lots of interesting stuff you can do in the world. So we wanted to move on from the successful points of Far Cry 2 and develop it a little bit further. One of the biggest things is going to be the characters and the narrative, we really want to concentrate on that as well, because that’s something we really felt we could really push with Far Cry 3.”

He also commented on the problems which Far Cry 2 suffered from and how they have learned from past mistakes

“Far Cry 2 reviewed extremely well but there are definitely problems that we had with the game, I think probably more from a gameplay perspective rather than a tech perspective. But rest assured that we’ve listened to what the problems are. We’ve pushed forward on all the different fronts to make sure we’ve addressed those issues that arose and move on from that point as well. We’re lucky to have that platform and that we can pick out the bits that people are saying “Hey we need to fix this stuff”. Check points being one thing, the driving experience, the fast travel. All those areas we’re very aware they they were issues we need to deal with in the game. We’re definitely looking to sew those things up, and make sure everybody has a much better experience this time around.”

Certainly sounds good and if it’s like any of the previous games, it certainly will be

Far Cry 3 will be releaed on PC, PS3 and Xbox360 in 2012

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