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UK PS3 FIFA Players Wanted


The first two FIWC UK Online pre-qualifier events have been signed up for, but there’s still four events left – and if you’ve got a PS3, you can play.

The dates and links for the events are as follows:

FIWC UK Online Pre-Qualifier 3 (22/01/10 – 01/02/10)
FIWC UK Online Pre-Qualifier 4 (12/02/10 – 19/02/10)
FIWC UK Online Pre-Qualifier 5 (22/02/10 – 01/03/10)
FIWC UK Online Pre-Qualifier 6 (03/03/10 – 10/03/10)

The top two players from each event will qualify for the UK live event that will be taking place at the Emirates stadium on 22nd March, where they will have the opportunity to win a trip to Barcelona for the global final and possibly the championship title – plus a cool $20,000.

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