UK Retailer 'GAME' comes to Playstation Home


Both Sony and UK retailer GAME have announced that a new gamerspace has landed on the Playstation Home called ‘Moonbase’. The new space will be released on Thursday 18th March and its being dubbed as the place for gamers to learn everything there is to know about all Playstation platforms.

‘Moonbase’ is a digital version of the Earth’s moon and it will feature the following sections –

  • Two-storey Moonbase
  • poster sites (ground floor)
  • video screen (ground floor)
  • 4 internet terminals (ground floor)
  • dance-floor (second floor)
  • meetings places (second floor)
  • video screen (second floor)
  • billboards (second floor)

Also loyal customers at GAME will recieve a little extra with content and free to play games including Lunar Leap which if completed, gamers will be rewarded with a GAME Space Suit (as seen in the pictures below)

Interesting move from GAME but then again, a lot of companies want to be a part of Playstation Home it seems but for the most part, normally these are game title related spaces being taken up in Playstation Home and not a retailer.

A trailer for GAME’s up and coming space (no pun intended!) are below –

Thanks to Nani from WENB for the details.

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