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Ultimate Team Causing Major Issues


With the Ultimate Team DLC release for FIFA now a fortnight old there are still issues plaguing the new game mode with players having trading issues being the main gripe. The latest problem is that trades have been expiring but not disappearing from the search, and players who have won auctions haven’t been given their cards (in-fact they can still bid on them and outbid themselves). See our forums here for more on the situation.

But it doesn’t end there. Unfortunately the EA servers seem unable to cope with the massive number of people playing the new mode, and so it’s not just Ultimate Team players suffering. I was playing FIFA Clubs with my team last night and there were occasions where the game would hang on team select or would randomly boot players from the game; eventually it died, saying that there were no other games to join, and we had to call it a night.

Hopefully these issues will be resolved sooner rather than later because it is rendering the game unplayable; not just for the Ultimate Team guys but for everybody who plays FIFA.

For developments on Ultimate Team, check EA’s Ultimate Team Updates.

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