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Ultimate Team DLC Released


Welcome to March 19th, Ultimate Team mode release day!

Ultimate Team is available on both next-gen consoles now (presuming you have yours connected to the internet). If you insert your disc into the console and try to load up the game, you should be prompted to download an update. Rather than being a massive mandatory update, as we were led to believe, the initial update is tiny – less than a megabyte, judging from the speed of the download. But once downloaded, it will add an “Ultimate Team” menu item to the game.

You simply select this new menu item and choose your language to begin a free Ultimate Team “demo” download. Once it’s downloaded you can try out the new game mode for yourself and decide whether you want to lay out the moolah for it (£7.99 GBP / $9.99 USD on PlayStation 3, 800 MS points on Xbox 360).

Check out the forum’s Ultimate Team thread for the latest discussion!

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