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Ultimate Team: Playing The Market


FIFA Ultimate Team is a game mode which over the last two years I’ve really got in to. Some disappointing bugs aside there’s plenty of fun to be had building your Ultimate Team and if you’ve never tried it before, now is the time. As well as having a team of Superstars it’s also about making some hard coins. To be able to afford building multiple squads you’ll need to be handy in the Ultimate Team Transfer Market and with these tips you won’t go too far wrong. 

Do Your Research

This is the most fundamental piece of advice I could give to anyone who’s looking to make some serious profit in FIFA 11 Ultimate Team. After all how do you know if you’ve stumbled on a bargain if you don’t know how much the player costs? Yes, it takes time and yes it can be a monotonous task but it’s imperative that you have solid grounding for all of your transfer market decisions. 

It’s much easier and faster to trawl through player data with a keyboard and mouse so hit the FIFA 11 Ultimate Web App and get researching.

Be Patient

A lack of patience is the single biggest reason for making a loss or shrinking your profits in Ultimate Team. People put players up for sale for an hour, they don’t sell and then they re-list them 2 minutes later, only 500 coins cheaper. It’s easy pickings for those who trawl the one hour pages and it almost always guarantees you a loss.

Just because your item hasn’t sold for the price you’ve set there and then, doesn’t mean that it won’t. Be patient, take your time and don’t be afraid to resubmit items multiple times.

Timing Is Everything

Following on from “Be Patient” a huge influence on how much money you can make is dependent on the time of day you trade. If you try to sell your prized asset at 5am in the morning then you’ll be struggling to get a bid let alone a decent price. Generally speaking the busiest time for FIFA 11 Ultimate Team is between 4pm and 12am UK time. That’s when the most trade items are available and it’s when the most people are playing FIFA, it’s very simple maths.

The difference between a purchase price at 9am and one at 9pm can be staggering.

Buy Now?

You put a trade up and someone meets your asking price by hitting the magic “Buy Now” button which is great, right? Not necessarily, as there are only two reasons that anyone would ever choose to Buy Now. 1) They wanted your player so badly they were prepared to pay anything to get him, or 2) They got it cheap. The chances are its option 2) and you’ve sold way too cheaply, giving someone else a tidy profit an hour down the line. 

If someone has picked up one of your trades as a Buy Now then find out why and don’t make the same mistake twice if you’ve sold yourself short. 

Gold for Show, Bronze for a Pro

If people are buying packs with real human money then chances are they’re going to picking up Gold Premium packs, which is why the market is flooded with average gold players. But for just 750 coins you can buy a Bronze Premium pack and make yourself a tidy profit, 90% of the time.

Admittedly most of the cards you’ll have to discard but Bronze Contracts, Fitness, Morale and rare Player Cards can go for a princely sum. When you can make an easy 900 coins from just one Bronze Team Morale card you begin to see how this strategy pays off.

The gains can be modest but for anyone starting their Ultimate Team career or finding themselves short on coins this strategy shouldn’t be ignored.


It surprises me every day that people just aren’t aware of the value in simply discarding players rather than bothering to put them up for sale. Standard Gold players can be discarded for 310 coins so if you can pick them up for 250 its easy profit. Even more important is that Gold “shinny” cards can be discarded for 600+ coins so picking these up for cheap will increase your profit margins even further.

If you have a raft of pretty rubbish Gold players that you don’t need then my advice would be to simply discard them and save yourself the hassle. The only way you’ll ever sell them is by submitting them for less than the discard price anyway, therefore it isn’t worth it.

Rinse and Repeat

And finally if you find that a particular trade is giving you consistent profits then don’t be afraid or ashamed to rinse and repeat until you’ve burnt the trade out or the market has become saturated. Plenty of coins can be made by trading in just one or two players which is much easier for you to research and manage.

The market will fluctuate from time to time so keeping your trade pile consistent and small is a good way of maximising revenue. 

Do you have any FIFA 11 Ultimate Team Transfer Market top tips? Hit the comments, we’d love to hear them.

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