Uncharted 2: Siege DLC Out Now


Naughty Dog has announced a new DLC pack is available for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

The Siege Expansion Pack is the biggest add-on for the acclaimed action adventure title to date, adding two new maps, six new multiplayer skins, 11 online Trophies and a brand new game mode.

The new Siege mode pits up to three players against waves of NPC enemies, as they struggle to maintain control of a specified area within the map. The only way to score points is to make sure all of your team-mates are within the designated capture point.

Of the new maps, Highrise is set on the rooftops above the streets of Nepal with many different climbing routes and an occasional airstrike to spice things up a bit.

The Museum, seen in the first level of the single player game, features a mix of rooftop and corridor action with numerous flanking opportunities and secret climbing routes.

The rest:

6 multiplayer skins
Wetsuit Drake
Baseball Shirt Drake
Dead Explorer

You Can’t Break Me – Complete all 3 co-op objective maps on Crushing

Under Siege – Finish Wave 10 in 1 Siege game

Speedy – Get 10 First! Medals

I’ll Cover You – Get 50 Defender Medals

Fallen Angel – Get 50 Afterlife Medals

Not So Fast – Get 20 “Shut’em Down Medals

Jack of All Trades – Get 15 Triple Threat Medals

You Run, I’ll Shoot – Get 10 Protectorate Medals

Back At Ya – Get 50 Retaliation Medals

Kneel Before Z… – Get 5 Put-em Down Medals

Rock a Rhyme – Get 100 Tricky Medals

The Siege Expansion is available to download now from PSN and will set you back £4.79.

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