Uncharted 3 is “common sense” states Nolan North


In a recent interview on the PlayStationChat podcast Nolan North, the voice of Uncharted’s main man, Nathan Drake has said that an Uncharted 3 is common sense. Although he states that he cant say a thing about the next instalment in the franchise, i think its safe to say that we all expect to see an Uncharted 3 hit the Playstation 3 at some point. All we need to do now is wait for confirmation from the developers, Naughty Dog.

“I’m not supposed to talk about that,” North said on the most recent episode of the PlayStationChat podcast when asked if a sequel from Naughty Dog was inevitable.

“I’ve been told I can’t say one way or another. But I will ask a question back: Do you think it would be financially responsible of Sony to not make a third game that has made hundreds of millions of dollars for their company?

“You’ve just got to use your common sense. What do you think? I’m not supposed to say one way or the other. I would encourage everyone to tap into their common sense.”

North further added: “I’m sure if we all used our common sense, I’m sure that decision from Sony will be very, very soon.

“Not that I would know anyway. I would think that we would just have to hope that our senses are finely tuned into how the industry works. Not that I’m saying anything one way or the other. You should understand that… You should all think about what would be sound decisions.”

Uncharted 2 for me, is the best PS3 title so far so as you would expect, im really looking forward to the 3rd game in the series. Of course like i said above, nothing has been confirmed as of yet by either Naughty Dog or Sony themselves but we all know it’s coming and roll on, i say!

More on this as we have it.

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