Unit 13 Demo Hits The PlayStation Store on February 22nd


Developer, Zipper Interactive has confirmed that a demo of the PlayStation Vita shooter, Unit 13 will hit the US PlayStation Store on February 22nd.

Chris Roper from Zipper Interactive confirmed the news and also said that the demo will give you access to one of the game’s Direct Action missions and includes all six operatives and online leaderboard support. Unit 13 does not feature the usual single-player experience but will consist of micro-missions tailored for handheld play. The game will feature six operatives with 36 missions spread across nine locales. It has also been confirmed that the score and level progress from the demo will be carried over to the full release version of the game as well. If you have not seen the Unit 13 walkthrough video featuring gameplay footage from the upcoming shooter, then click away below.


Unit 13 is released exclusively for the PlayStation Vita in North America on March 6th and in Europe on March 9th.

Source: CVG.

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