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Update Frustrations


A quick one, but seriously, I’ve had enough. The option file creators spend hours upon hours getting the game aesthetically realistic as possible, only for these continuous updates to reset the most important things. Created teams and registered players to create unlicensed and unofficial leagues are forever being reset, meaning everyone is having to start over each time an update hits.

It’s incredibly annoying, and for the life of me can’t understand why is hasn’t occurred to Konami to find a solution. It’s clear it has crossed their mind, as certain criteria (like player appearance) are left untouched, but in the grand scheme of things these updates have become a hinderance.

I just hope a solution is found for this years release. The only constant in the PES series since nextgen is the editing community’s commitment to the game. If these error’s persist then even that may be lost.

It’s a year that Konami must prove they are listening, actions speak louder than words.

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