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Update: Orion523's Final Next-Gen FIFA 14 Slider Set


Now that the game has been out for some time now, I’ve been able to dial the sliders in so to speak. Thanks to some helpful feedback from guys here and over at Operation Sports and of course a lot more time on the pitch. Compared to the original set I posted here back in November, sprint and acceleration have been given a boost, the error sliders have been corrected as well as the injury and keeper sliders. Finally, the line settings have been adjusted to make for a more realistic game as well.

Hopefully you guys find the new set to be an improvement.

Half length: 15 Minutes
Difficulty: World Class (Legendary In Parentheses)
Game Speed: Slow
Controls: Full Manual

Sprint: 45/45
Acceleration: 49/49
Shot Error: 54/53 (54/54 for Legendary)
Pass Error: 50/61 (50/63 for Legendary)
Shot Speed 50/50
Pass Speed: 53/53
Injury Frequency: 70/66
Injury Severity: 45/45
GK Ability: 48/47
Marking: 49/49 (48/48 for Legendary)
Run Frequency: 50/50
Line Height: 49/49
Line Length: 52/52
Line Width: 53/53
Fullback Positioning: 51/51
First Touch Control: 50/50
Power Bar: User Preference (I use 45)

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