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US Cover Revealed?


The US cover of PES 2012 has been revealed by quick-fire online retailers. A massive thanks to Fer for the news.

An image that was seen on the front of a Portuguese magazine, we all thought it was art to go alongside the game. Hell, we even presumed it was the magazine artist coming up with somthing quick. I for one didn’t think it would be the cover.

But it seems, from what our contacts tell us over in the US, this is the cover. The question mark in the title is more of hope, as I can’t forsee why Konami would think that sort of cover is anything but a large step down from Messi being there.

Surely a Copa Libertadores team? How about all the teams in the competition like the old J-League versions?

It’s classy, sure, but not for me.

Let us know your thoughts.

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