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Video Bonanza


Feel like you didn’t get enough FIFA action from and after E3, with over 45 minutes of videos from the producers of FIFA Superstars, FIFA Online and FIFA Next-gen, we have you covered!

Let’s kick it off with a very interesting 15 minute video interview with Andrew Wilson.

Hit the jump to get your fix!

David Rutter and Gary Paterson talk FIFA 11 link

Interview with Nenad Stojkovic (FIWC Champion) link

Interview with Tom Sarris (Producer of FIFA Superstars) link

Interview with “Julien” (Producer of FIFA Online) link

Video taken from the sound capture studios at EA, showing off the new custom chants feature. Lots of info on it! Also details on the commentary. link

Video taken from EA’s Mo-cap center in Vancouver, with detials given about how its implemented in the game. link

Big thanks to neogo.pl and videogame.it for these videos


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