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Custom board games are becoming more and more popular, with themed sets being pushed out left right and centre for all kinds of brands. We recently got sent over a couple of custom versions of classic games thanks to the folks at Winning Moves to check out and see how they enhance the traditional versions…


Has there ever been a family gathering that’s not been ruined by Monopoly? Arguing over why you should be able to buy the last street in the red section that your cousin has, and just won’t give it up despite owning the last third of the board? Yeah, it’s a classic. This version sees iconic locations from the Fallout universe take the place of Mayfair, Fleet Street and the like, with the stations and utilities being replaced as well. Fancy owning Vault 101? Go for it, but the real money’s in Vault 111. How about Megaton, or the Capitol? They’re here as well. In fact, the whole board has a distinctly “Fallout” feel to it, with the cards replicating Vault-Tec’s unmistakable faux 1950’s feel. The pieces themselves are fantastically crafted, with a Power Armour helmet being the highlight of the 6 unique and very cool pewter emblems. Rounding out the pack is a Nuka-Cola bottle, Vault 111 Door, Mini Nuke, 10mm Pistol and, of course, Vault Boy.

There aren’t really any new gameplay tricks introduced either Fallout or the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Monopoly, but such is the way with these custom versions, they’re pure fan service and do an excellent job with it.


Much like the Fallout set, AC: Syndicate Monopoly really goes all out when it comes to the feel of the board. The pieces are suitably themed, with Big Ben, a Steamboat, a Top Hat, the Crown, a Revolver and an Assassin-branded Knuckle Duster being the tokens this time round. Leap of Faith and Treasure Chests replace Chance and Community Chest cards respectively, whilst the old-time London locations mesh with the most recent iteration in the AC series really well. There is a version of Monopoly on offer that spans the entire franchise, with playing tokens based around characters from the series, but in terms of a version of Monopoly focused on one single game though, it’s very well realised.


Not strictly video game related, but a cool re-imagining of the classic strategy game. The map has been completely reworked as a vision of Westeros, with a bunch of your favourite locations from George R R Martin’s works, such as King’s Landing, Winterfell and Casterly Rock. Gameplay wise, the Skirmish Edition of Risk promises to provide a quicker game, and from the few games I played, I’d probably say that’s about right, as the games didn’t last for a fortnight! Turns are relatively quick, and the biggest thing is essentially learning how to turn your typical Risk strategies into ones that you can utilise to take over Westeros. Fortunately the time-honoured trick of “getting Australasia and flooding it with units” has a comparable tactic here, but you can easily combat it due to some of the mechanics involved, such as the ports on the east and west coasts.

A great take on the ultimate strategy board game, Game of Thrones Risk mixes it up with a new map and is a whole heap of fun. If you really want to get into it, there is a “deluxe” edition, which has maps for both Westeros and Essos, but this will set you back £59.99

Overall, these themed recreations of time-honoured board games are a whole heap of fun, and if you’re a fan of any of the franchises then it might well be worth taking a look at these if you’re interested in picking up a new board game. They’re available at for around £29.99 each, and there are a bunch more franchises on offer as well.

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Jonathan Markwell
Jonathan Markwell
6 years ago

Have you seen there’s been an FF7 Monopoly announced? Going to see how many versions of Monopoly is too many to own.