Video Special – PlayStation Vita Remote Play, Gameplay & Comparisons


One post, three awesome videos!

Right, so you’ve watched our sexy unboxing of the PlayStation Vita, which also featured a look at all of its slots/compartments, and you’ve even seen our in-depth look at the handheld’s user interface and menus. If that is the case, then you’re probably wondering what Vita related content we have for you next. Well, today, we have for you not one, not two, but three awesome videos showcasing different aspects of Sony’s latest handheld.

First up, we compare the Vita with the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 3 controller, giving you our thoughts on how it differs when it comes to size. The second video shows off the remote play feature, allowing you to see how your PlayStation 3 XMB will look on the handheld. To round Vita video specials, we give you a glimpse at WipEout 2048, a title which is set to launch alongside the Vita in Europe and North America on February 22nd.

Check out all three videos below, and be sure to let us know what you think.

PlayStation Vita comparison with Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation 3 controller


PlayStation Vita remote play


PlayStation Vita WipEout 2048 gameplay



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