Virginia 'Character' Trailer Released


505 Games have released a new character trailer for Virginia.

This trailer introduces special agent Anne Tarver, the game’s protagonist, who players will guide as they solve the riddle of Virginia, which is explained below:

As a newly minted FBI graduate, Anne’s life is forever changed after she arrives in Kingdom, an idyllic, secluded corner of Virginia, to investigate her first case; the mysterious disappearance of local boy, Lucas Fairfax. As her search progresses, it becomes apparent that sinister forces are at play – forces that will test Anne’s judgement, her morality and her very perception of what is real.

The missing Fairfax boy is far from the sole focus of Anne’s enquiries. Your new partner, FBI veteran Maria Halperin, has roused Tarver’s suspicions. And as the investigation deepens, so too does your mistrust toward your fellow agent.

Enjoy the trailer and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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