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Vote For FSB In The Shorty Awards


Some times in life you have to stand up for what you believe in and today FSB Community members is one of those days…

Some of you may see this as shameless self promotion (which it is) but there are bigger forces at work here gentlemen, it’s FSB vs WENB, FIFA vs PES, Good vs Evil and you don’t want us to be beaten, do you?

Well  if you don’t want that happen you need to vote, vote, vote for @FIFASoccerBlog in the Shorty Awards by using this handy nomination page and make sure you give a reason why otherwise your vote won’t be counted.

In all honesty this is just a bit of fun but we still don’t want to lose even if it is to the talented gents over at @WENBlog so we need FSB Commmunity power to propel us to victory. Over to you, we know you won’t let us down.

Oh and also if you could spare a vote to @Official_NGB that would be grand.

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