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Vote for WENB in the Games Media Awards!


Visit Winning Eleven Blog for all your PES news? Like our honest, unbiased news, reviews and previews? Then this is the chance for you to give something back!

Its time again for people to vote for the annual Games Media Awards and we would be extremely grateful if you would give a vote our way. Whether it be WENB as a whole or an individual writer (hint, hint), you can vote in the following categories:

Games Magazine
Games Website
Specialist Writer – Print
Specialist Writer – Online
National Newspaper – Writer
Mainstream Magazine – Writer
Games Video
Games Radio and Podcast
Games Blog
Rising Star
Coverage by a Mainstream Website
Top Tweeter
Games Media Academy
Games Writer of the Year
Games Media Legend

The team at Intent Media and Indigo Pearl will crate a list of finalists from each category and pass it over to a panel of 150 judges. To place your vote, simply email gma@intentmedia.co.uk by July 26th and let them know who you will be voting for in your chosen categories.

If you do vote for us, here at WENB we thank you for your continued support and look forward to delivering fantastic PES content to you guys in the future.

Thanks to ShopTo for the information

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