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Vote For WENB In The Shorty Awards!


Cast your vote for your favourite gaming website!

OK, I’ll be honest, I’ve never been fond of any sort of award shows. They all seem pre-planned, and usually having guarenteed winners based on everything besides what they should be based on.

But, this time it’s different. You see, everyone has been voting, and it’s clear to see who is getting votes and where they are placed throughout the period leading up to the show. And currently, FIFA Soccer Blog is ahead of WENB. Not happy.

So, it’s war. Winning the award isn’t a target, beating FSB is. So please, support the site and lets end up on top!

Vote for WENB here, and make sure you use the ‘gaming’ category.

If you do want to annoy me (I see you), feel free to vote for FSB (@FIFASoccerBlog) or even our gaming site Nextgen Gaming Blog (@Official_NGB). The last one has my blessing.

Thanks for your support!

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