Walking Dead x Tekken 7 sees Negan joining the roster


No, I’m not Tekken the piss

In a late night reveal, Bandai Namco released the Tekken 7 Season Pass 2 trailer showing off two of the 6 new characters coming to the game. Anna Williams is making her debut to Tekken 7, news which should be favourable to fans of the original game, unless you didn’t like her. She’s sporting a new gothic look whilst rocking throwing knives and a rocket launcher because of course she is. Lei Wulong is also joining the Tekken 7 roster with his mad kung fu police skills. Wulong doesn’t quite pack the same armaments as Anna but looks to suitably pack a super punch.

Negan was then teased as the 6th character and whilst there was no gameplay shown it seems pretty clear that he’s bringing Lucille along for the ride.

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