Warhawk: Next Project Revealed 'Soon'


Here is an article about Warhawk and the possibility of a sequel –

Warhawk was one of the first big PSN releases for PS3. It was pretty decent too, so where’s the sequel? SCE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida says news of the developer’s next project could be coming “soon”.

Warhark was a multiplayer-only war game sold exclusively through PSN before later being released on disc. It was developed by Lightbox Interactive (then called Incognito) with help from Sony Santa Monica.

Yoshida promises Lightbox has been busy, and we could hear something of its latest work before long. “I was expecting that it’s about time we should update the status of what the team is doing,” admitted Yoshida to Joystiq.

“The team has been working on something new for a while, and I wouldn’t be surprised if are able to soon talk about it, but not at this time,” he added.

Warhawk saw the release of three major expansions, Operation Fallen Star, Broken Mirror and Omega Dawn in the year-or-so following its 2007 launch. Get on those if you haven’t already and crave more Warhawk action

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