Warner Bros Start Mobile Game Sale


Warner Bros have slashed the prices of a range of mobile games, just in time for Christmas.

There are multiple games that have been cut to just 69p on the App Store. These include:

  • LEGO ® Batman ™: DC Super Heroes
  • Batman™: Arkham City Lockdown
  • Man of Steel
  • Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters
  • LEGO ® Harry Potter ™ : Years 1-4
  • LEGO ® Harry Potter ™ : Years 5-7
  • Harry Potter: Spells
  • Scribblenauts Remix
  • Bastion
  • AdvenChewers
  • Midway Arcade Games
  • Tapper World Tour

LEGO: Lord of the Rings is also available on the App store for just £1.99 whilst for Android users, Batman Arkham City Lockdown, Man of Steel and Scribblenauts Remix are available on GooglePlay and in the Amazon Appstore for Android for 69p.

Let us know if you will be purchasing any of the above via the comment section below.

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